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We rehome 7 days a week by appointment only and only after a pre-home visit but we also have the following special rehoming day


SATURDAY 23rd May 2015



    If you are thinking about getting a cat why not come and visit us on the above date we have over 150 cats and kittens of all ages, colours and personalities, all looking for that forever home.

Please remember that these rehoming days/evenings are for people who have not already had a home visit we will not be able to carry out any adoptions at this time.  We looking forward to seeing you.

Re-homing is subject to a pre-home visit.  These rehoming days are non-appointment days, so people considering a cat can pop along, otherwise we rehome 7 days a week by appointment only and only after a pre-home visit.


Rabbit Awareness Week 9th – 17th May 2015

So this years’ Rabbit Awareness Week is all about ?#?RoomForRabbits and making sure all of our bunnies have the best environment possible around them.

Follow the link below to see how you can make sure you’re giving your rabbit the very best home.


rabbit accom

A hutch is not enough, we check all potential homes before we rehome our rescue bunnies and are always happy to advise on the best possible housing for your bunnies. This video helps to explain what rabbits need and why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1Rg7P8lBTs



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  REHOMING ALL ANIMALS – Want to adopt then give us a call 01243 641409 we rehome 7 days a week (subject to a pre home visit).

THINKING OF ADOPTING A CAT OR KITTEN?   We also have cat rehoming days on 4th Saturday of each month from 12.00-2.00pm, where you can see the cat/kittens available.  See our events section for rehoming day dates.

With 52 cat pens full, most with multiple occupancy, you are bound to find that special furry friend (or friends) to share your life with.


THINKING OF ADOPTING A RABBIT OR A GUINEA PIG?   Why not come along to The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre at Sidlesham every Sunday from 2.00pm – 3.30pm to visit them you can reserve for up to two weeks and staff are available for advice on accommodation and bonding (all rehoming is subject to a pre home visit).

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We believe animals deserve compassion, respect and consideration. That prevention of unwanted animals through the promotion of neutering and education, and the humane control of feral colonies is required, and no healthy animal should be destroyed if a responsible home cannot be found.

Visiting is strictly by appointment to protect the health and welfare of the animals in our care, please do not visit unless by prior appointment.


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    Booty has found a home!

Booty_web (2)

This is Booty, a beautiful black female, who was found under a car with a badly smashed face in June 2014. She was very scared and in pain but we managed to gain her trust and took her straight to the vet.  She has had masses of anti biotics, pain killers and a lot of surgery. She is being fed by drip, and is currently having specialist jaw surgery. We know this is going to cost a lot of money to make her better, but we would never refuse to help an animal like this. Her injuries included a huge hole in her palate, fractures in jaw, and her tongue was nearly cut off. She also has some eye injuries, and is probably blind in one eye, but despite all this she has been the perfect patient, and loves a cuddle or three. Donations are welcome via the “Make a Donation” link below (remember to add the word “Booty” in the comments column), or email admin@crrc.co.uk for an alternative way to pay.  Thank you for supporting this gorgeous little girl.

End of July update: Booty’s feeding tube has now been removed & although being hand fed she has started to semi lap water & liquid food.  She is not out of the woods yet but we will monitor her progress & talk to another yet to see if they have any thoughts.  Her main problem seems to be her tongue to which she has had a further operation.

September update:  Booty is now living in a lovely large room with huge garden room with some of our Golden Oldies, and they have settees to lounge about on.  She is eating totally herself, but due to her ‘short’ tongue she puts her nose in the liquidized food, and causes rather a mess everywhere when she shakes!  So Booty had another operation on 19th September at the specialist orthopaedic vet to enable her to open her mouth wider, and hopefully get more food in her mouth so she does not need to put her face right in & get in such a mess.  It’s early days yet, but she is back with the oldies who she loves (and did miss them) and seems very happy now.

December update: Booty has had a few setbacks when we stopped liquidizing her food, to encourage her to open her mouth more.  This caused a few problems, and she was not eating as much as she should, and was losing weight. It was difficult to tell how much she was eating because of the other cats in with her, so she has been moved temporarily to a pen so we can keep an eye on her weight. We did not like the thought of her being on her own, so her ‘boyfriend’ Stanley is with her (they snuggle up together).  We let her have a run about as well, and she just loves everyone.  She has put on weight, and the food is just semi liquidized so she is making a bit less of a mess with her eating.  Helen, one of her staff, found her some lovely pudding basin type bowls, so not quite so much goes over the side!

Thank you all for kind words and donations she has now gone to a lovely home with one of our lovely volunteers Barbara on 3rd Feb 15.  Enjoy your new life Booty we love you so much xxxx