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Adopt a Cat or Kitten

It is important to us that both you and your adopted cat(s) are happy.

For this reason we have the following straight forward, but important adoption process:

  1. Please check you live in our Catchment Area at the bottom of this page.

  2. Please read and ensure you agree with our Cat Adoption Fee

  3. Please Call Us to discuss on  01243 641409  (Mon-Fri 9-4pm )
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All Cats and Kittens are:

  • Neutered / Spayed
  • Part or Fully Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Health and Dental Checked
  • Up-to-date with Flea and Worm Prevention
  • Covered by a 4 week Pet Plan vet insurance from the date you adopt

Cats Available for Adoption

The following is a list of some of the cats available for adoption. This is just a selection of the animals we have at The Centre and sometimes we do run out of time to keep the site updated. Please follow the process above to ensure you are not disappointed.

Cat of the Month

Animal Image 1


Hello, I am Zane, I was found as a stray on the 16th December 2016 and a lovely human took me to the vets. They neutered me and and sent me on my way to this place. I'm around 5 years old or so these people tell me. Since coming here everyone loves my big chubby cheeks and my even bigger personality. I will shout for my food and shout even louder for more, I love attention and will try to trip you over. An adult home will be best for me as occasionally I like to boss you humans around and might give a little nip. I have FIV which means I must be the only cat and I also need an enclosed garden or to live as a house cat in a large home only. I really am a lovely boy so I hope someone one picks me soon.


Animal Image 1


Hello, my name is Antonetta and I am an 11 year old tabby and white girl. I was brought to The Centre on the 10th February 2017 as I wasn't getting along with the other cats in the household and I had started to scratch people. I am a really lovely girl most of the time, I love being picked up for cuddles and will give you kisses and lots of love, but I can be a bit temperamental and will let you know when I have had enough. Please don't let this put you off me though, I have a lot of love to give and can't wait to find a new home to go to. It's probably best if I go to a home with older or no children.

Animal Image 1


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Binny and I am a very handsome male cat. This is my third time at the centre! I originally arrived at The Centre back in 2009 after being a stray. I found myself a loving new home where I stayed for 8 years but unfortunately I had to come back because my owner was moving in with her nephew and didn't think I would be good around the children. I was then rehomed again but was brought back after a few weeks as I was a little bit naughty and kept telling them off! They didn't like me nipping them, but I was only telling them that I didn't want any more strokes! I'm hoping to find my real forever home, with people who understand I can be a bit of a handful sometimes, but with people who won't give up on me as I'm really sad being back here and all I want is a nice home.

Animal Image 1

Brooklyn and Casino

Hi there, my name is Casino. I am the handsome 2 year old Ginger boy and with me is my female friend 6 year old Brooklyn and she is the tabby and white. We arrived here at The Centre on the 25th May 2017 after our owner was made homeless and there wasn't anywhere for us to go. Me and Brooklyn can be a bit nervous and I can be very hissy to start with, but the staff here think I will get better and friendlier once I get to know you and Brooklyn is better than me already and she does enjoy being stroked if you move slowly around her. We would like to be rehomed together as we do like each other and need each other for comfort. If you want to pop in and say hello we would love that, please look past my grumpiness and take a chance on me.

Animal Image 1


Hey everyone. My name is Cady, I'm 4 years old and I'm a very special cat. I arrived here at The Centre on the 11th November 2016 because my owners found my behaviour to be too temperamental and they were expecting a new baby. The truth is I can be a little bit grumpy sometimes, but it's mostly now when I come out of my pen and can smell the other cats around me (You see I hate other cats). But I am actually a very friendly girl and I do like to have lots of fuss made of me and I enjoy being brushed now and will come and sit on your lap for a fuss. I would love to find a new owner that understands me and my personality and will know me so well that they know how I'm feeling. I would not be suitable to live with children really but I will make a great addition to someone’s home. Please someone take a chance on me.

Animal Image 1


Hey!! My name is Dario and I arrived here at The Centre on the 14th November 2016 after I was found as a stray in Yapton. I am a gorgeous friendly boy who loves to have a fuss made of me, I'm also a very talkative boy and will talk to you (apparently I have a girlie meow though, I don't believe it myself, I think I'm very manly). I did find myself a new home but unfortunately I was returned because my new owner felt I was becoming stressed by living with the children. We also found out that I can get urethra spasms, this means I can struggle to pass urine which is more likely to happen when I am stressed. When I am at The Centre I don't have any problems though so the staff here think it must have been the children in the home. I do have a tablet on my food once a day for it but I don't mind, I love my food so I wolf it down. The Centre will continue to provide my medication for life as well as if this is any future issues relating to this problem. I am such a special boy, the staff here think I really am amazing. I just really hope someone takes a chance on me with a nice calm and quiet home. Oh just one more thing, I love other cats so it would be brilliant if you already had one to be my friend, but if not I'll be quite happy receiving all your love.

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Digery, Geminia & Mardi

Hello Everyone! My name is Digery and I am an 8 year old long haired grey cat. These are my friends Geminia a 11 year old ginger and white long haired female and Mardi a 5 year old exotic torty female. We all arrived here at The Centre on the 8th March 2016 because our owners had moved to a flat and couldn't take us with them. We are all quiet cats but we are really sweet and do really enjoy a fuss once we get to know you a bit. Mardi especially loves having cuddles and will quite happily sit on your lap drooling with happiness for ages. Me and Geminia do have heart murmurs, its fairly common but if you want to discuss it further you can speak to our staff. We all get on really well and therefore we are all looking for a loving home where we can stay together.

Animal Image 1


Hey, nice to meet you, my name is Dukey. I have been here at The Centre since the 27th April 2017 after I was found as a stray in Bognor Regis. I am now about 1 and half years old and would love to find a new home. I am very friendly as well as being really playful. I would fit in well into pretty much any home and I would be happy with children. I am a lovely boy so I'm sure someone will pick me soon.

Animal Image 1

Eris & Marlon

Hey Guys, I'm Marlon and this is my beautiful sister Eris. As you can see we are both gorgeous Tabby and White cats and we are now 1 year old. We arrived at The Centre back in October 2016 after being found living as strays in Leigh Park. We are both timid but I will let you come near so I can sniff your hand and then eventually I will allow you to stroke me. My sister Eris will hiss but she really doesn't mean to be rude and sometimes I may also hiss back in defence of my little sister. You see we have never had a home when we were growing up so we never got interaction with humans which we needed as kittens. We are looking for experienced owners who understand it will take time for us to trust and appreciate your love. If you feel we could be the cats for you please come and spend some time with us.

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Hey everyone!! My name is Ethel and I came into the Centre on the 8th May this year as my owners were moving home and were not allowed to take me with them. I am a beautiful 14 year old tabby girl. Unfortunately I really do not like other cats and living here at The Centre was causing me such distress that I am now being looked after at the vets where I am loving having lots of fuss. I do have kidney disease and need medication for it but I take it extremely well you just put in on my food daily. Medication and veterinary costs for me will be covered by The Centre using their own veterinary practice. I am the most loving cat and crave attention all the time, I just want lots of love and to give lots back to you. If you could offer me a loving, caring, quiet home and have time to spend with me then please contact the Centre, I really hope I find a forever home soon.

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Karita and Mister

Hello, my name is Karita and I am a stunning black and white fluffy girl, and this handsome black boy with me is my boyfriend Mister. I was originally here at The Centre in August last year as I had been found living as a stray, I found a new home but unfortunately I managed to escape out the cat flap. I stuck around enough to be fed in the shed though, and whilst I was off wandering I found Mister and fell in love with him and would bring him back to get food with me. Eventually we were both caught and brought back to The Centre and now we are both looking for a new home together. We are a very cute pair and will often be found curled up with each other on the window ledge. We are both quite nervous cats though and are still very wary of you humans, so we would need an understanding new owner who is willing to let us settle into our new home in our own time. We will let you stroke us, we're just not sure we like it yet!! We need a home with no children and a very patient new owner, but we hope we find our forever home soon.

Animal Image 1

Kf31 & Kf32-15

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Kf31-15 and I am a all black female and I am two years old and this is Kf32 is my white and black sister. We arrived at The Centre back in 2015 as kittens and we soon found a new home but were returned on the 15th February 2017 because are owner had lost her husband and was no longer able to cope with looking after us. I do have a heart murmur which means I take half a tablet once a day but I am literally so good at taking it. The Centre will supply my medication and will do regular heart scans for my new owners just in case. We are both really sweet girls, I am the friendlier one and I will come straight over to you for some fuss, my sister is a little bit more shy and she will meow until you come to her. We are such cute girls and we deserve to find a new loving home together, we would prefer a relaxed home not with young children.

Animal Image 1

Kf81-11 & Km82-11

Hello, my name is KF81-11 (or Mitzi as my previous owners named me), I'm the one with a small black patch on my head and this is my brother KM82-11 (otherwise known as Shadow). We are nearly 6 years old and as you can see we are a very stunning pair of cats! We were originally here at The Centre as kittens back in 2011 but we were returned on the 17th January 2017 after a family member moved into our home that was allergic to us. We can be a little bit nervous of people and as a result we can seem like quite a quiet pair of cats. We may not come up to you demanding love, but we do allow members of staff to pick us up and cuddle us. Shadow may hiss occasionally, but he doesn't mean to be rude he just worries a little bit of new people. We have lots of love to give, but we may just take a little more time to show you how sweet we really are. We would love to find a quiet home with a new lovely owner who will give us time to settle into a new home.

Animal Image 1

Animal Image 2

Mikonam, Delam & Dorood

Hey guys. My name is Dorood and I am the good looking 9 year old ginger and white boy. These our my friends Mikonam a tabby and white 9 year old female and Delam a black and white 10 year old female. We were all brought here to The Centre on the 30th April 2017 because our owner were moving and couldn't take us with them. We can all seem a little shy when you first meet us but we are really sweet cats who enjoy being stroked. We all get on with each other pretty much the same and we would love a home together but we don't mind if one of us goes first to a home separately and the other two stay together.

Animal Image 1


Hello, my name is Myrtle and I am a pretty black, long haired girl who is only 2 years old. I arrived here at the centre on the 29th April 2017 as my previous owner who had only had me for 1 week unfortunately had an accident so they couldn't can't care for me anymore. I am a sweet girl who likes a small amount of strokes but I only really like attention on my terms, once I've had enough I may hiss or swipe at you. I am a very laid back, chilled out girl though so I would love to find a home where I can relax and not be overwhelmed with too much affection. I also need regular brushing as I can get very matted because of my long fur. I would like a home with no other cats and no children.

Animal Image 1

Animal Image 2

Peta and Stanstead *Dubble now rehomed**

Hi everyone. My name is Peta and these are my friends Dubble and Stanstead. I am a all black 3 year old female and Dubble and Stanstead are both black and white males, Dubble is 8 years old and Stanstead is 4 and half years old. We all arrived here at The Centre on the 23rd March 2017 after our owners had allergies and deteriorating health and could no longer cope with looking after us. We are all friendly cats, especially Dubble he is really affectionate, he is also the most independent and would be happy to be rehomed on his own. Me and Stanstead would like to go to a home together, although we would love to all go together if anyone will take us. We are all lovely cats, that would be fine living with children, cats and probably dogs. I'm sure we will find new homes soon.

Animal Image 1


Hello, my name is Squiggle, it's a cute name isn't it and I'm sure you'll agree I'm a very cute girl to match. I am a three year old torti and white girl who arrived here at The Centre on the 29th June 2017 after I had been living as a stray for three and a half weeks around some people's house, so they nicely brought me in here. I am a very affectionate girl, I love having a cuddle and a good fuss, being long haired I do need to be groomed regularly but luckily I love it so that's not an issue at all. I can't wait to find my forever home, I would be quite happy living with children or not, I'm not bothered as long as I'm getting a fuss.

Animal Image 1

Taz and Goldie

Hi ya!! My name is Taz and I am a very handsome black and white boy and this is my sister Goldie, the gorgeous tabby girl. We are both 5 years old and arrived here at The Centre on the 23rd February 2017 as we had had a few accidents in the house and our owner couldn't cope with us anymore. We had been moved around a lot though and I had had some troubles with a blocked bladder, so the staff here think that is probably why I had the accidents. We are both very lovely cats and so chilled out, we love to just sleep and have a fuss made of us, Goldie especially is also still very playful and likes to whack our balls round our pen. We would be best suited to a house with older or no children, where we can have time to settle in and receive lots of love.

Animal Image 1


Hi there! I'm TillyWoo but you can call me Tilly for short. I arrived here at the centre on the 31st May 2017 as my previous owners moved house and I wasn't settling into our new house very well, plus I didn't really get on with the new family dog. I am a very sweet girl who loves attention and a good fuss, although I'm not very keen on being picked up. I was a little bit temperamental when I first arrived here at the centre which was completely out of character for me, but due to this I would probably be best suited to go to a home with older or no children. If you feel like you could give me the perfect home, then please come and say hello, I would really appreciate your love and attention.

Catchment Area

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Our catchment area is from Sidlesham out to the following locations:

  • Bognor Regis
  • Chichester
  • Fareham
  • Gosport
  • Hayling Island
  • Midhurst
  • Littlehampton
  • Petersfield
  • Petworth
  • Portsmouth
  • Selsey
  • Worthing

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