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Adopt Rabbits

Please Note: We only rehome rabbits in pairs or can bond your neutered male or spayed female rabbit with one of ours.

It is important to us that both you and your adopted rabbits are happy.

For this reason we have the following straight forward, but important adoption process:

  1. Please check you live in our Catchment Area at the bottom of this page.

  2. Please read and ensure you agree with our Rabbit Adoption Policy

  3. Please read and ensure you agree with our Rabbit Adoption Fee

  4. Complete our Online Application Form to get the ball rolling

  5. We'll then organise a home visit with you
  6. Then you can make an appointment to see the rabbits

Viewing Day

If you want to meet us and see some of the rabbits available then please come along to one of our Viewing Days. The next Rabbit Viewing Day is on Sun 27 Aug 2017, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

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All Rabbits are:

  • Neutered / Spayed
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Health and Dental Checked
  • Covered by a 4 week Pet Plan vet insurance from the date you adopt

Rabbits Available for Adoption

The following is a list of some of the rabbits available for adoption. This is just a selection of the animals we have at The Centre and sometimes we do run out of time to keep the site updated. Please follow the process above to ensure you are not disappointed.

Rabbit of the Month

Animal Image 1

Frosted Rose & Ruby Cooler

Hi guys, we are beautiful fluffy sisters who have been here at The Centre since the 9th April 2017. We were brought in because our owners were moving away and could not take us with them. I am Frosted Rose and I am the white fluffball and Ruby Cooler is the grey fluffball, we are both 2 years old. We are friendly rabbits that are used to being handled, we obviously need to be groomed regularly so it is important our new owners are able to do this. We are sweet girls and we can't wait to find our forever home together.


Animal Image 1

Apple Fries

Hey everyone. Nice to meet you, my name is Apple Fries and I am a very pretty black and white 1 and half year old female rabbit. I have been living here at The Centre since the 16th November 2016 after I arrived from another rabbit rescue place that was shutting down. I do have a bit of kidney disease, but I'm not worried it doesn't really affect me, all I have to do is have a vitamin jab once a month. It could affect my life expectancy or it might not but I can come back here to see the vet in the future for my jabs and any problems with my kidneys. I am a really sweet girl, I have lots of personality and sometimes a bit of attitude but I do really love a cuddle and a stroke. I would love it if I could find a new loving home with another male rabbit for company.

Animal Image 1

Brie de Meaux & Brie de Melun    *** Reserved ***

Hi there, nice to meet you! My name is Brie de Meaux and I am a 3 year old black rabbit. This here is my friend Brie de Melun and he is a 3 year old male guinea pig. Before I continue telling you about us the staff want to make sure that everyone is aware that rabbits and guinea pigs should not really be living together. We are a special case and it is not something that The Centre would normally ever do. We have been living together for all our lives and the staff felt it would be sad for us to be separated now. We arrived here on the 9th January 2017 because our owner no longer had time to look after us. We are both friendly and enjoy being handled.

Animal Image 1

Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Muffin    *** Reserved ***

Hey, my name is Chocolate Chip and I am the brown and white fluffy bunny and this is my sister Chocolate Muffin, the black bunny and we are both 3 years old. We have been here at The Centre since the 14th April this year as our owner was having to move and didn't feel like we would have enough space where they were going. We are both lovely bunnies, I can be a little grumpy when you try and pick me up but chocolate muffin is more accepting of this. We hope to find our forever home soon.

Animal Image 1

Honey Cake    *** Reserved ***

Hello, I am Honey Cake and I am a gorgeous brown 1 year old female rabbit who is looking for a boy bunny to bond with. I've been here since the 22nd May this year as my owner had changed job and felt she didn't have enough time for me anymore. I am a very friendly girl who will hop over to you to say hello and have a fuss from you, but I'm not a fan of being picked up at the moment. I'm hoping to find my new home and a friend soon.

Animal Image 1


Hiya! My name is Milka, I'm a beautiful female bunny and I'm nearly 2 years old now. I was born here at The Centre back in March 2015 after my mother had been found abandoned in some woods where she had obviously had some fun with a wild rabbit. That's where I get my agouti coloring from and why I'm quite small. I can seem like I'm a little bit shy because I like to hide, but actually I am a very sweet bunny who enjoys strokes and is happy to be picked up. I did find a home for a little bit but it didn't work out with my new boyfriend. So now I am looking to find a new home with another male bunny that will be my best friend.

Animal Image 1

Oreo Fusion

Hello everyone, my name is Oreo Fusion and I have been living here at The Centre since the 16th November 2016 after I arrived from another rabbit rescue centre that was closing down. I am a 4 year old fairly large black female and I am looking to find myself a new boyfriend for company. I do have slightly reduced kidney function which means I need to have medication once daily but its only a tiny bit of tablet crushed in water and I don't mind it at all. The vet has recommended that I stay on this for now so my new owner must be prepared to do this, but I am a very well behaved girl. The vet has also said I can come back to The Centre to see the vet if I ever have any future problems with my kidneys. I am a very sweet girl who enjoys having a good fuss made of her and even though I'm fairly large I am happy to be handled. I hope my medical issues don't put you off because I am desperate to find my loving forever home with a male bunny.

Animal Image 1

Pyramint & Silvermint    *** Reserved ***

Hello. My name is Pyramint and this is my sister Silvermint. We have been living here at The Centre since the 23rd October 2016 after our owners felt we were being scared by the dog at the home. I am a brown and white lop and my sister is very small and shes grey, we are both 2 years old. When we arrived my front teeth were so overgrown that it meant they had to be removed. But it doesn't bother me too much, the staff here just make sure my veg is small or grated and I'm happy. We are a lovely pair of rabbits that are happy to be handled, we cant wait to find our new home together.

Animal Image 1

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Hey everyone, my name is Vanilla Bean Buttercream and I am a very handsome brown and white 7 year old boy. I am a very special bunny and I am to go to a home as a single indoor bunny with someone who will be around most of the day to give me lots of time and love. The reason I am to go as a single bunny is that I have excessively high hormone levels and because of that I do like to hump a lot!! I have tried to be bonded with another bunny but I just don't leave them alone and it's just not fair on them as they get fed up with me, so that's why the staff here have decided I should go on my own. I am such a lovely friendly boy and I love being picked up for a cuddle and having my head stroked, I can't help my problem and I hope someone will consider me and give me a loving home.

Catchment Area

Catchment Area Image

Our catchment area is from Sidlesham out to the following locations:

  • Bognor Regis
  • Chichester
  • Fareham
  • Gosport
  • Hayling Island
  • Midhurst
  • Littlehampton
  • Petersfield
  • Petworth
  • Portsmouth
  • Selsey
  • Worthing

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Our Address

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We are open 7 days a week, but please contact us to make an appointment before visiting us.

We also rehome animals 7 days a week, but all subject to a pre-home visit.

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