Adopt Guinea Pigs

Please Note: We only rehome guinea pigs in pairs or can bond your guinea pig with one of ours.

It is important to us that both you and your adopted guinea pig(s) are happy.
For this reason we have the following straight forward, but important adoption process:

  1. Please check you live in our Catchment Area at the bottom of this page.
  2. Please read and ensure you agree with our Guinea Pig Adoption Policy
  3. Please read and ensure you agree with our Guinea Pig Adoption Fee
  4. Complete our Online Application Form to get the ball rolling
  5. We’ll then organise a home visit with you
  6. Then you can make an appointment to see the guinea pigs

All Guinea Pigs are:

  • Health and Dental Checked

Guinea Pigs Available for Adoption

The following is a list of some of the guinea pigs available for adoption. This is just a selection of the animals we have at The Centre and sometimes we do run out of time to keep the site updated. Please follow the process above to ensure you are not disappointed.

Guinea Pig of the Month

  • Bear Buddies

    *To bond with a male gp*

    Hello, my name is Bear Buddies and I am a handsome white and black boy piggy, I am 4 years old. I originally came here with a friend but he sadly died recently so I am now on my own. My previous owner felt she didn’t have enough time for us anymore so she brought us here at the beginning of Feb so we could find a new home. I can be a little wary of people to begin with so I would definitely benefit in a home with owners that have lots of time and love to handle me often. Like most guineapigs I absolutely adore veg time and I will wait patiently in the run of my pen for the staff to hand it over. I am looking for a home with another male pig to bond with.

  • Biscotti & Tassies Reserved

    Hi everyone! My names Biscotti and I’m the brown 8 month old pig, and the tri-coloured pig next to me is my friend Tassies, she’s 2years 10 months and we’re both female. We came to The Centre in January 2020 as our previous owner was allergic to hay. We are 2 lovely girls and we both are good with being handled, although I could do with a bit more as I’m still young and sometimes I can be quite shy. We would be ideal for a home with owners that have a lot of time to dedicate to us to help bring me out my shell. Once we’re settled in we will be great additions to the family.

  • Eden Ice & Little Pomona Reserved

    Hello, we are Eden Ice and Little Pomona and we are two pretty girl piggies. I am Little Pomona the short haired, and I am 1 years old, and next to me is my long haired baby, Eden Ice, she is just 7 months old. We arrived here in October 2019 as our owner had brought 3 pigs from a pet shop, believing they were all girls, however it turns out one was a boy, so suddenly they had lots of baby pigs! We’re sweet little girls and the staff have tried to handle us as much as they can since we got here, so we are used to being handled, but obviously we would enjoy lots more in our new home. Eden is long haired so will need to be groomed regularly but she’s very good about it.

  • Pig in Blanket Reserved

    *To bond with a male gp*

    Hi ya, that handsome boy piggy there is me Pig in Blanket and I am 3 years old. I arrived here at The Centre on the 1st January as my owner was allergic to me. I am a sweet little man who is fairly good with being handled and happy to sit and have cuddles and strokes. I am searching for another handsome boy piggy for me to bond with and enjoy the company of for the rest of our lives. I would be best suited to bond with a docile friend, who doesn’t mind if I’m the boss. So if you have a lonely single boy, then please consider me to be his new pal.

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