Adopt Rabbits

Please Note: We only rehome rabbits in pairs or can bond your neutered male or spayed female rabbit with one of ours.

It is important to us that both you and your adopted rabbit(s) are happy.
For this reason we have the following straight forward, but important adoption process:

  1. Please check you live in our Catchment Area at the bottom of this page.
  2. Please read and ensure you agree with our Rabbit Adoption Policy
  3. Please read and ensure you agree with our Rabbit Adoption Fee
  4. Complete our Online Application Form to get the ball rolling
  5. We’ll then organise a home visit with you
  6. Then you can make an appointment to see the rabbits

All Rabbits are:

  • Neutered / Spayed
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Health and Dental Checked
  • Up-to-date with Worm Prevention
  • Covered by a 4 week Pet Plan vet insurance from the date you adopt

Rabbits Available for Adoption

The following is a list of some of the rabbits available for adoption. This is just a selection of the animals we have at The Centre and sometimes we do run out of time to keep the site updated. Please follow the process above to ensure you are not disappointed.

Rabbit of the Month

  • Ambrosia & Granola

    *Priority Rehoming*

    Children: 14+

    Hi ya!! That pretty brown and white rabbit there is me Ambrosia and I am a 6 year old female and this is my boyfriend Granola and he is the cute white and black rex, he is also 6 years old. We came in originally separately in 2015 and 2016, and at some point we were then bonded together. This is now sadly our third time back here after being returned twice for various reasons (none of which was our fault). We are a sweet pair of rabs, but Granola can be a bit of a grumpy boy at times – usually first thing in the morning when he’s hungry (or hangry as I say!) It’s silly of him though because when you do actually get him he LOVES a fuss and a cuddle, he nuzzles into your neck for some love. I am generally a friendly girl all the time, I don’t mind being handled and enjoy having a fuss and cuddle too. We’re really hoping that the next time we get adopted will be the final and forever time now and hopefully that happens soon for us.

  • Azera & Kenco

    *Priority Rehoming*

    Children: 8+

    Hi there, our names are Kenco (grey short haired) and Azera (grey lionhead). We are sisters and are 3 years old. This is our second time here at The Centre, we were brought in originally back in 2018 and we found a home later that year, but unfortunately were returned again last year due to allergies! We are sweet girls and we are good with being handled and groomed. We like to sit and have strokes from you, but like a lot of rabbits we don’t really enjoy being picked up and will give a little stomp of disapproval when you put us back down. Since being back we have had a couple of health issues, Kenco had a problem with an ulcer on her eye and I have had some issues with my eyes and ears. The vets here feel it may be an allergy I have, possibly to hay, so the staff here soak our hay for us to help with this. We will be rehomed on a part foster basis, Kenco for her eye and me for my eyes and ears, so any worries about these we can come and see the vet here at The Centre for treatment. Fingers crossed that the next time we head off to a home will be the final forever home for us.

    *Part Foster – Eyes and Ears For Azera and Eye for Kenco*     
    Read about our foster care scheme here. 

  • Anelli & Rombi

    *Priority Rehoming*

    Children: 14+

    Hiya! I’m Anelli a pretty female rabbit and this is my brother, Rombi. We are both 2 years old and have been living here at The Centre since the 25th of April 2018. Our mum was found living in a horse stable with us and our other 6 siblings! Thankfully a kind man contacted The Centre and now here we are. Fortunately our mum has found her forever home, now ourselves and our siblings are all looking for the same happily ever after! My brother Rombi is a bit more confident than me and he will eat from your hand and let you stroke him, however I am slightly more shy and sometimes I will run away. However we are both good once on a secure lap,  we do enjoy strokes. We are looking for a home with owners who have time to handle us to continue building our confidence. 

  • Barilla

    *Priority Rehoming*

    Children: 13+
    *To bond with a male rabbit*

    Hello, my names Barilla and I am a 2 year old female. I arrived at the centre in 2018 when I was just 10 days old, along with my litter mates and my mum. Our mum was a tricoloured domestic rabbit but she had been living with wild rabbits, and gave birth to us in a horse field. I was originally paired up with my sister but very sadly she unexpectedly passed away not long ago. So now I find myself looking for a home with neutered male rabbit I could be bonded with. I would benefit from going to a home with experienced rabbit owners who have the time to handle me daily. You can put me on your lap for strokes but I can be very wary when you first approach me. I hope bonding with a confident male will help put me at ease around humans a bit more. I am getting a bit lonely now my sister has passed so I hope someone comes for me soon.

  • Abba Zaba & Oh Henry!

    Children: 7+

    Hey! I’m Abba Zaba, the lionhead female, and this is my brother Oh Henry, the white and ginger dutch. We are both 1year 9months old. We came to The Centre together in February 2020 as the dog in the home didn’t like us. We are a friendly pair, Oh Henry can be a bit more independent than me and doesn’t really like being picked up, but he is happy to be stroked. We would definitely benefit from a home with owners who have time to spend with us daily, to build our confidence around them quickly.

  • Black Forest Crumble

    Children: Yes if calm.
    *To bond with a male rabbit*
    *House Rabbit*

    Hi everyone! My name is Black Forest Crumble and I am a 6 year old female. I came to the Centre in February as my bunny friend passed away and my owners thought I needed company. Due to my age, I cannot be spayed so I must live indoors. I am quite lonely on my own so I’m looking for a home with a neutered male I can bond with. I am an extremely gentle and friendly girl, and I’m very good with being stroked. Although I am very good natured I would prefer to live with calmer children, if any. I enjoy having all my fluff brushed out and I would happily sit on a sturdy lap. I hope I’m not waiting here too long to find my new home.

  • Calabaza & Fiambre

    Children: 10+

    Hello, that cute little black and white rabbit is me Calabaza and I am a 1 and a half year old boy bunny. With me is my wife Fiambre and she is the gorgeous white female and is 2 and a half years old.  We have been here since the beginning of June as our owners were moving and not able to take us with them. We are very sweet rabbits, but we can take a little while to build trust with you. We both enjoy a stroke once you have us on your lap or beside you. You may have to encourage us with a little grass or veg to begin with but it will be worthwhile when we become your best friends! 
    We really are just looking for loving new owners with the time to dedicate to bringing us out of our shells.

  • Dizi & Ting

    Children: 10+

    Hello everyone, I’m Ting the brown and ginger and this is my sister, Dizi, the ginger lionhead. We are both females and we are 4 years old. We came to The Centre in February as our previous owners no longer had time to look after us. We are an inseparable pair and we both have lots of character. We could do with more frequent handling, but we are happy to bounce up to you for a stroke (especially if a yummy treat is involved!). We are looking for a home together, so if you’re interested in us please contact the centre.

  • Flipz & Snyders

    Children: 8+

    Hi everyone, I’m Flipz, the brown female and this is my brother Snyders, the black male. We are both 2 and a half years old. We came to The Centre in February as our previous owners no longer had time to look after us. We are a friendly pair and if you sit in with us we come over for a some strokes. I also don’t mind being held or put on your lap for some extra cuddles. I am slightly more confident than my brother but he is coming more and more out his shell every day. Once we are settled into our forever home I know we will being a very loving pair.

  • Mr Goodbar & Sky Bar

    Children: 8+

    Hello, that handsome tan boy bunny there is me Mr Goodbar and that cute little brown and white girl with me is my girlfriend Sky Bar, and we are both a year old. We came into The Centre at the end of October 2019 as our owner was moving house and couldn’t take us with her. We are both curious, sweet rabs who are good with being handled and don’t mind sitting and having you strokes from you. We like to hop over to say hello and always want to know what the staff are doing when they clean us out. We can’t wait to find a new home and a new family we can bring joy to.

  • Potato Puff, Crinkle Crisps & Uncle Chips

    Children: 5+

    Hi everyone! Let me introduce you to us, the gorgeous trio! I am Crinkle Crisps, the male in the middle, and to the left is Potato Puff, a harlequin female, and on the right is Uncle Chips, an agouti male. We are all 2 years old. A local butterfly centre was closing down, and they gave us to a wildlife centre who then passed us on to The Cat and Rabbit for rehoming. We’ve had quite the journey but we’re finally here and ready to find our new home! We love each other so much so we must be rehomed together. We are a cheeky, inquisitive three and we love exploring together. When we’re not following you around in hopes of a treat or two you will find us flopped out sleeping together in a line. We’re all very gentle and lots of fun, we just can’t wait to live with a loving family!

  • Callaloo Reserved

    Children: 6+
    *To bond with a male rabbit*

    Hi there, my name is Callaloo and I am a pretty grey girl. I am estimated at around 3 years old and found myself here at the beginning of December as I was found in a garden and my owners could not be located. I am a friendly, placid girl who is happy to sit with you and have strokes. I would really like to find myself a handsome boy bunny for me to bond with so I can go and join his family and call them my own too. Please come and meet me if you have a single boy looking for a new girlfriend.

  • Fizzing Whizbees Reserved

    Children: 10+

    Hi there, my name is Fizzing Whizbees and I am a 2year old female rabbit. I came to The Centre in April 2020 as my previous owners had a change in circumstances and could not longer keep me. I like to investigate you first by sniffing all around, but once I know it’s okay I really enjoy head strokes. I can be a bit wary sometimes but I am actually a very sweet girl once I get to know you a bit more. I would prefer a home with slightly older or no children, just whilst I build my confidence and come out of my shell I bit more. I am looking for a home with a neutered male rabbit I can bond with.

  • Lemon Sorbet Reserved

    Children: 10+
    *To bond with a male rabbit*

    Hi ya! That gorgeous tan and white rex female you see in there is me, Lemon Sorbet. I arrived here at The Centre at the beginning of February as I wasn’t getting along with the other rabbit I was living with. I am such a sweet girlie, but sometimes I like to pretend that I am grumpy, but I don’t really mean it. I love to be stroked and I when I’m most happy I’ll flop on my side and let you stroke my belly. I’m looking to find myself a handsome boy bunny to bond with and live happily ever after with. I can’t wait for someone to come and choose me and I can get myself a new loving family.

  • Mocha Crunch Reserved

    Children: Yes

    Hello everyone, my name is Mocha Crunch and I am a gorgeous grey 2 year old female. I came in back at the beginning of October 2019 as my owner was unable to look after me anymore. I did come in with my brother and I loved him very much, but sadly he has passed away recently and now I’m having to get used to being by myself. I really hope I’m not on my own for too long and I find a new friend to bond with soon. So please if you have a single male rab also looking to find a new friend, consider me being his girlfriend. I’m such a sweet girl, really gentle and happy to be around you humans, sitting with you and receiving some fusses. It will be nice to get back into a home with a loving family.

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