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Avocato & Little Cato

Children: 12+
Cats: No
Dogs: No
To be rehomed as a pair

Hey! My name is Little Cato and I’m the ginger male you can see, and I’m 4 years old. This is my friend Avocato, the tabby and white, and he is 5 years old. We came to The Centre at the end of July as unfortunately our previous owners marriage broke down and they had to move separately and couldn’t take us. I am a bit more confident than Avocato, as I will come straight up to you for a fuss and will sit on your lap until you give it to me. Avocato prefers to hang back and get a sense of you first, however once he’s use to you he’s just as lovely as me! He likes to bop his head into your hand so you will continue the affection. We are looking for a home together, but we’d prefer to go with slightly older or no children as Avocato can be wary to begin with so this would help him settle a lot easier. Due to the type of cat I am, it would be best if I was rehomed to owners who have alot of knowledge of my breed, specifically surrounding possible health problems. My nasal passage is significantly shortened and I have an under bite there may cause future issues, which are common within this type of cat.

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