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* Priority Rehoming *

Children: 14+
Cats: Yes
Dogs: No

Hi there, who is that handsome tabby boy with the big chubby cheeks and the massive head I hear you ask! Well my name is Balthazard! I arrived here at The Centre in February 2020 after I had been living as a stray. I wasn’t neutered when I arrived here and I came in with a bad eye and scabs all over my head from fighting other cats over territory and probably girls too.
Having been a stray for a long time I was very nervous and wary of you humans, I wasn’t sure if you could be trusted, so I did hiss as I get a bit scared of meeting new people; It’s generally just an act though and I’m actually a really sweet boy once I get to know and trust you and then I will let you stroke me and I love it! I love attention, head/ear scratches are my favourite and I will roll onto my side where I’m enjoying it so much. I also love being brushed. Once I trust you I will let my defensive guard down and honestly I’m such a lovely boy. I would prefer a home with older or no children though as I am still wary and I don’t like being pulled around.
Since I’ve been neutered the staff have noticed that I actually really like talking to all of the other cats and I will go up to the other pens and say hello to everyone, so they think I would probably quite like a cat friend.
I’m looking for an understanding and patient new owner. Please someone give me a chance at a new life soon.

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