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Bowie1 & Bowie2

Children: No
Cats: Yes
Dogs: No

To be rehomed as a pair

* Ferals – Can be rehomed as outdoor cats *

Hi there, my name is Bowie1 and I am a handsome tabby boy and 5 years old and this is my friend Bowie2 and she is a stunning 1 year old female. I am the one with my head down in the bed. We originally came to The Centre to be neutered as we were strays and then were going to go back to where we had been living, being looked after by a lovely lady. But sadly while we were here, the lady had an accident and couldn’t have us back there. So we are now looking for a new home. We are both ferals and will hiss and spit at you. I am slightly better and when by myself I will let you stroke me, although I’m not too sure if I enjoy it just yet! Bowie2 is not a fan of you humans at all though right now and isn’t very happy to be here. We will be happy to go and live as outdoor cats on a farm or a stables so long as we have somewhere dry and warm to live and someone to put food in our bellies. Or if someone likes a challenge, we can go to live in a home normally, but it will take months probably for us to settle in, so you would have to be prepared for that.

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