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Children: No
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes

Hi ya!! That cute little princess there is me Cerys and I am roughly 3 years old, but I look younger as I’m so tiny! I came in back in March as I was found on a beach. I was quite an angry little girl when I first arrived, it was all very scary for me and so I didn’t really trust anyone and lashed out when they tried to do anything to me. I do like a fuss now, but it is only on my terms and I will let you know if I am not in the mood and have had enough or don’t want any strokes. I don’t really mean it nastily though, I’m just quite an independent girl and like things my own way! I’m a cheeky, funny little diva, however I do still have my naughty side so my new owners will need to accept me for how I am. I’d like to be the only cat please as I don’t really care for them. Oh and one more thing, I do seem to really like water!! I love to watch the water moving about in my bowl and play with it.

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