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Children: No
Cats: Yes
Dogs: No

Hello, that gorgeous black girl is me Elspeth and I am a very scared girlie being here. I am 2 years old and I arrived in February after a nice couple brought me here as I had been living as a stray and their cats didn’t like me much hanging around their house. It’s not known how much human contact I have had before as I am terrified and very wary with people! I am starting to settle in a bit more now and I have stopped hiding away as much but I still seem to not like being penned up much. To live in a home I would need a very patient owner who has the time to help me settle in and who understands how scared I am and that it may take months or longer for me to fully settle and trust you. Alternatively the staff think I would be happy to live as an outdoor cat on a farm or somewhere, as long as I had a warm, dry place to sleep and get fed. It would be nice if there was another cat there too I could be friends with. So please get in touch if you could offer either of these homes for me.

* Possible alternative home as an outdoor cat *

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