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Katy Purry

* Priority Rehoming *

Children: 10+
Cats: No
Dogs: No

Hello, my name is Katy Purry, but you can just call me Katy. I am a sweet little black and white girl who is 4 years old and I arrived here on the 22nd February as sadly my owners couldn’t afford to look after me anymore. You see I had been having some troubles with my skin and it was just costing too much in vet fees for them. I am such a cute, loving little girl and I really love having strokes and getting attention from you. I like being picked up for a cuddle and I really love it when you come and sit in with me as I’ll be straight onto your lap, curling up and getting those cuddles from you. Sometimes I can be a little cheeky and get so excited trying to get those strokes from you, I grab your hand and give a little nip. I don’t hurt when I do it though and it’s just because I want those fusses so much!! Now as I mentioned at the start, I have some troubles with my skin, as you can see I wear a cone on my head and I have to keep this on as I overgroom myself a lot, to the point of making my skin sore! The vets here have tried a few different meds to help me, but so far nothing has worked and they are not really sure what the cause of it is. However they feel that me being happy in a home environment may benefit me and they can then work with my new owners to try and find a solution for me and hopefully get to a stage where I wont have to wear a cone all the time. I will be rehomed on a part foster (non-emergency) basis for my skin troubles so I can continue to see the vets here and the Centre will cover the costs for it. I hope somebody comes to see me soon as I am getting a little sad here and I would much rather be back in a loving home. The staff don’t understand why no one wants me as I’m the friendliest, cheeky little princess and will brighten up anyone’s home and life. 

*House Cat* Due to the fact I currently have to wear my cone 24/7 I would need to be rehomed as a house cat as it just wouldn’t be safe for me to go outside exploring with my cone on; however I am looking for a house with a garden in the hope that in the future if my skin improves and I may be able to have my cone off then I would love to be able to go outside, but until then I will need to stay indoors.

* Part Foster – Skin *    Read about our foster care scheme here.

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