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KF37-10 & KF95-11

Children: 12+
Cats: No
Dogs: No
To be rehomed as a pair

Hello, my name is KF37-10 but you can call me Ellie and I am the gorgeous black girl and this is my friend KF95-11 better known as Coco and she’s the stunning tabby girl. I am 10 years old and Coco is 9 years and we were both here as kittens originally in 2010 and 2011 before being adopted but sadly our owner had a change of circumstances and had to return us back here recently. We are a cute pair of girls, I am more reserved than Coco, she is more confident and happily loves having strokes from you whereas I am more skittish and wary. I am really friendly but I just can’t help being a little nervous! If you hold your hand out to me, I will head bump against it and rub on you but then I get a bit scared and back off again. So I just need a patient owner who will help me to see that being petted is ok and I am allowed to enjoy it! We both really love our food, Coco especially, she is always at the front of our pen yelling at the staff that’s she hungry! We can’t wait to find a new home, we need somewhere calm and quiet with no other pets and with older or no children so we can settle in in our own time and feel safe and loved again.

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