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Lady Topaz & Lady Amber

Children: 10+
Cats: No
Dogs: No
To be rehomed as a pair

Who are those gorgeous torti girls I hear you ask! Well let me introduce us, I’m Lady Amber and I am the darker torti girl of the two of us and Lady Topaz is the lighter colour.  We are both 10 years old and sisters and came to be here in February as our owner became allergic to us. We are really lovely girls, I’m the more confident and forward of the two of us. Once I know you, I’m all over you for fusses and follow you around nudging your hand for strokes. I also really love to play, my favourite thing to do is, once the staff have cleaned my pen, I bat my balls all around and mess all our stuff up so it looks like we haven’t been cleaned! Topaz is more chilled and calmer than me, she takes a little longer to warm to people but once she does she is just as cute and loves fuss just as much as me. She has a really cute meow too! We both love each other SO much and are often found curled up in our tent bed together, I’m a very loving sister and I’m always grooming Topaz’s head for her, so we have to go to a home together. We would like our new home to be a quiet, chilled out place so we can relax in our older years, so if that sounds like your house, please come and meet us.

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