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Children: 6+
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes (Calm)

Hi there! My name is Minerva and I’m that super cute tabby torti girl! I came into The Centre in June as a stray. The staff and vets here have guessed my age at about 12, but this is just an estimate as I have no teeth! This isn’t a problem for me though and I still love food. I love a fuss being made of me, when you’re stroking me I start doing little feet puddings and I get all excited and roll onto my back and show you my belly. I have on and off been drinking moer water than normal, and although I’ve had urine and blood tests it’s coming back with nothing wrong with me, so they’ve decided to rehome me on a 6month part foster basis, so once I’m settled in a home if I’m still doing it I can come see the vet here at The Centre for further testing. I can’t wait to find my forever home so I can get all the love I need!

*6month Part-Foster for over drinking*

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