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Children: No
Cats: Yes
Dogs: No

Hi there! My name is Ohana, a stunning petite black and white female and I am 2 years old. I was brought into The Centre at the end of February because my owner had too many cats to care for and I was pregnant. My kittens are old enough to find their forever homes now and I’m hoping it won’t take me too long to find mine.
When I arrived at The Centre I was a very friendly girl but when I had my kittens I became very protective of them and very wary of humans. Unfortunately, this behaviour hasn’t quite worn off yet and I do find it hard to trust. If I am given enough time and patience, I will come and head-butt your hand and I do like a head stroke but at the moment it is very much on my terms and I may smack you if you touch me in the wrong place.
In a home, away from the scary noises of The Centre I will hopefully resort back to being that very loving trusting little lady I truly am, but I need an experienced owner that will give me all the time I need to adjust in my own time and pace.

Given the right amount of time, I’m sure my confidence will grow and I will become the very loving & trusting lady once again.

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