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Princess Nina & Rasta

Children: 8+
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
To be rehomed as a pair

Hi ya!! My name is Rasta and I am the gorgeous torti female, I’m 6 years old and my friend Princess Nina here, the white girl is 8 years old. We arrived in February as our owner had health issues and family problems and wasn’t able to look after us anymore. We are the cutest pair of girls, I’m an absolute sweetheart, the friendliest girl ever, I just love people and the love they give me, I love belly rubs and FOOD!! Princess is a little more shy than me, she loves having strokes and love too but she’s just a little wary to start with, especially with new people and she may take some time to really trust you. She sometimes gets a little scared by sudden movements and might swipe you but she doesn’t mean it and once you hold your hand back out she’ll happily have strokes again, she is a proper cutie. You might notice when you meet her that her breathing sounds a little loud, the vet is not overly concerned about this and it doesn’t affect her at all, the staff can explain more about it to you if you are interested in us. She will be rehomed on part foster for any future respiratory issues she may have and also for her skin as she came in with quite bad skin, but she is looking so good now, so that was possibly just due to stress. We just need a nice patient new owner who has lots of love and time to give us and we hope we find them soon as we really want to go to our forever home finally.

* Part Foster Princess Nina – Respiratory and skin issues *

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