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To sponsor a cat requires a minimum donation of £15 per year. You will then receive a photo and letter plus a thrice yearly newsletter.

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Children: No
Cats: No
Dogs: No

Hi everyone, my name is Rev and I’m an 8 year old male. I came to The Centre at the beginning of August as my previous owners had a baby and it made me very defensive and I began to attack them. I am a very sweet boy most of the time and do love a fuss, once I trust you I will get on your lap for a stroke and some attention. But my new owners will need to be ok with my temperamental side as I was rehomed again recently but sadly I also attacked those people and so back I came. I hope someone can look past that side of me and love me anyway as I would really love to find a forever home. I would be best suited in a quieter home with no children and no other pets so I can settle in easily and in my own time. My previous owners also said I was quite a homely cat so I would be best in a household where someone is around quite often so I have company.

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