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Hi ya!! My name is Sketch and I am that handsome tabby boy there. I am estimated at 16 years old, but I’m in such good condition health wise that the vet here feels I may be younger than that actually! This is sadly my second time here at The Centre, I arrived originally in March this year as my owner developed severe asthma and was advised to rehome me to help with it. I then found a new home shortly after arriving but sadly was returned again in June as I just wasn’t settling in my new home very well. You see I can be a little nervous to start with and I like to hide away to make me feel more comfortable until I settle better. There were very noisy dogs living next door to us there and it scared me, so I just didn’t seem to be able to feel at home.  I am such a friendly boy though when I know and trust you and I love having fusses and being giving attention, I just can’t help my shy nature, so I need a new owner who will be patient with me and help me to feel safe and loved. You will be rewarded with my loving nature though once I’m happy and I will love to curl up on your lap then and get those strokes and head scratches I like so much. In my first home they said that I also really like to go outside, I’m a bit of an explorer so my new owners will need to be ok with that and understand I may not want to be in with them all the time. To help me settle in easier I will need a quiet, calm home now with a new owner who will be patient and understanding with me as I settle in and will be happy with me coming and going as I please when I can go out and accept that I will come for some love and attention too when I want it.  I’ll be there at dinner time too, talking to you with my cute squeaky little meow, telling you to hurry up as I’m hungry!! I hope I don’t have to wait too long to find that perfect new owner and home for me. I will be rehomed on a full foster basis (non – emergency) due to my age, so I can come and see the vet here for any medical issues at no cost to my new owners.

* Full Foster – Golden Oldie * Read about our foster care scheme here. 

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