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Children: No
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Dogs: No

Hello, my name is Yara and I am a stunning 2 year old black girl. I arrived here at the beginning of July as I had been living as a stray. I’m very scared being here at the moment as it’s all new to me and there’s lots of new noises and sounds that I don’t know, so quite often I’m found hiding in my bed. Having been a stray for possibly quite a while, I’m very wary of you humans right now, I don’t really want you to be stroking me currently or for you to get too close to me. Because of this I’m going to need a very patient owner who is prepared for the fact it will take me quite a while to fully settle in and trust you. The staff are hopeful that I will become a friendly girl in the end and be able to trust someone, I just need to get past my nervousness. Please someone take a chance on me and give me the loving home I deserve.

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