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To sponsor a guinea pig requires a minimum donation of £15 per year. You will then receive a photo and letter plus a thrice yearly newsletter.

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Eden Ice & Little Pomona

Hello, we are Eden Ice and Little Pomona and we are two pretty girl piggies. I am Little Pomona the short haired, and I am 1 years old, and next to me is my long haired baby, Eden Ice, she is just 7 months old. We arrived here in October 2019 as our owner had brought 3 pigs from a pet shop, believing they were all girls, however it turns out one was a boy, so suddenly they had lots of baby pigs! We’re sweet little girls and the staff have tried to handle us as much as they can since we got here, so we are used to being handled, but obviously we would enjoy lots more in our new home. Eden is long haired so will need to be groomed regularly but she’s very good about it.

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