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To sponsor a guinea pig requires a minimum donation of £15 per year. You will then receive a photo and letter plus a thrice yearly newsletter.

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Enchilada & Quesadilla

Hi ya!! That cute little tricoloured female piggy there is me Enchilada and this here with me is my sister Quesadilla, she’s Black and Tan and we are 3 and a half years old. We arrived at The Centre in February 2020 as the children in our previous home had lost interest in us. We are cute girls who have obviously been handled well as we don’t mind being picked up for cuddles on your lap and so we can’t wait to get into a new home to get loads more! Quesadilla does have a cyst on her right ovary, but she doesn’t need any treatment for it currently, our new owners should just be aware it’s there and she will be on part foster for that, so if there are any issues with it in the future she can come and see the vet here at The Centre. Come see us soon as we can’t wait to meet new people.

* Quesadilla – Part Foster – Right ovarian cyst *   
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