Rabbit Advice

Rabbits can make wonderful pets but its important to know what to expect before you consider adopting them. They require a lot more care then you might think. They are active and playful animals as well as being very sociable. They have lots of personalty and can make great pets when correctly look after.  Please consider these points before deciding to adopt rabbits. 

Rabbits can live over 10 years

  • Rabbits are a long term commitment and require lots of care over there lifetime. Make sure your prepared for the commitment and if you are adopting family rabbits make sure you are prepared to care for tem if your child loses interest or moves out.

Rabbits are very social animals

  • Rabbits are naturally very social and need the companionship of their own kind and can become very lonely if they live on their own. The Centre can help with bonding your single rabbit with one of our rescue rabbits. 

Rabbits need regular trips to the vet

  • Rabbits need annual vaccinations for VHD1, VHD2 and myxomatosis as well as regular check ups with the vet, especially to check their teeth. 

Daily Care

  • Your rabbit will need cleaning out on a daily basis and given fresh food, hay/grass and water. They need to be handled everyday otherwise they may become shy and nervous of you. 

Please read our full rabbit adoption policy here. 

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