Sponsorship Scheme

To sponsor a cat, rabbit and guinea pig requires a minimum donation of £15 per year. You will then receive a photo and letter plus a thrice yearly newsletter.
Please select a cat from the list below by clicking on the Sponsor button and then complete the donation form.

  • Sponsor Arlo

    Hello Everyone. My name is Arlo and I have been living here at The Centre since 2016. The staff tried their best to find me a new home but it just didn’t work out. You see I can get quite grumpy and I only like attention on my own terms. A normal home wouldn’t have worked out for me but being here is just perfect. I spend most of my time in the office and reception areas and I get the freedom to use up all my energy by running and climbing trees.  

  • Sponsor Axyl

    Hey! Lovely to meet you, my name is Axyl and I have been living here at The Centre since 2015 after I was a stray living on a farm. When I arrived I had an old injury on my leg which was deformed and very painful so the vets felt it best for me to have it amputated. I never had any human contact when I was young which made me very weary of people and I didn’t do well in a pen. So they let me live here and I love it, I still don’t want to be touched but I’m confident and happy. Also I loveeee the other cats!

  • Sponsor Bonnie Boots

    Hey! I’m Bonnie-Boots a cute and round looking black female. I arrived at The Centre in May 2010 after I was being kept in a small flat that had over 90 cats living in it. When I arrived I had my 3 small kittens with me which once old enough they all found homes. But all that time spent being neglected in the flat meant I was not too keen on humans. But I’m much happier now and I spend nearly all of my time in the garden room. I am usually found dozing on a blanket with all the other cats.

  • Sponsor Buzz

    Hey everyone! My name is Buzz and I’m a real cute tabby and white lad who lives in the barn. I arrived here at The Centre in August 2012 as a stray kitten. I spend most my time in the barn playing in the hay or snuggling up with the other barn ferals.

  • Sponsor Calista

    Good day everyone, I am Calista a pretty little tabby female. I arrived here at The Centre in 2011 as a stray from Wittering. But I loved my wild lifestyle too much so they let me live here. I am quite shy so I spend lots of my time in the barn with the other cats but I also love to be outside exploring.

  • Sponsor Chekov

    Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Chekov and I arrived her at The Centre in July 2016 as my owner could no longer look after me. I had quite an eventful start to my life at The Centre, along with some of my friends we managed to escape from the carriers. It took the staff a few days but they finally caught us all up but it became apparent that I was not that keen on any attention. The staff did try to rehome me but it didn’t work out so they let me stay here. I really love all the other cats and although I am quite shy I will usually be hanging around the garden room with my friends.

  • Sponsor Francesca

    My name is Francesca and I have been living at The Centre since July 2012. I arrived here after I was found pregnant and living in a feral colony of cats. Once my kittens were old enough they all found new homes but as I had not had much contact with people before I wasn’t really interested. So they released me to live in the barn and I love it. I get on really well with all the other barn cats. Usually you can find me sitting up the top of the barn looking down on the staff working, you’ll know it’s me because I always have my tongue out.

  • Sponsor Hulk

    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Hulk. As you can see I am a very handsome tabby cat. I arrived here in 2014 as a stray, with a badly deformed front leg, it was too long. I found it really difficult to walk so the decision was made to remove my leg. It actually felt so much better once it had gone but I still wasn’t sure about the humans and I didn’t let them get too close. But once they released me that was it, I am now in love with everyone and can’t get enough of my cuddles. I’m not a Hulk now so they affectionately call me their Hulky-Bear. You might already know my name as I am The Centres news reporter and you can see my articles in local magazines.

  • Sponsor Lorrie

    Hello everybody. My name is Lorrie and I have been living here since 2015 after my owner died.  I didn’t cope well with being penned up and the staff decided to let me live here at The Centre.  I live in the barn area with my best friends Francesca and Calista and my boyfriend Buzz.  I am normally found up on the hay or exploring outside and am slowly starting to get braver with the staff these days, even allowing my nose to be touched sometimes!

  • Sponsor Sonic

    Hiya! My name is Sonic and I have been living here at The Centre since March 2014 after I arrived with my sister Tails. We were born in a shed so very used to living outside so living in a pen made us very sad. Once we were let out we were so much happier. I’m not really quite as friendly as my sister and I don’t let the staff touch me. But I can be quite confident when visiting the staff for food, I will wait outside the doors with my sad eyes until they give me a treat. I’m not so keen on going inside the house like my sister but we still frequently meet up outside for some head bumps. 

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